Plunger and Barrel 131153-5320 A732 Fuel Pump Plungers

Plunger and Barrel 131153-5320 A732 Fuel Pump Plungers

Plunger and Barrel Diesel Elements 131153-5320 For NISSAN

Wholesale Various High Quality Plunger A732 Products

Quality diesel Plunger and Barrel element 131153-5320 A732 NISSAN DIESEL FE6B for sale

China Auto Diesel Plunger and Barrel AD Type


Diesel pumps used an in-line layout with a series of cam-operated injection cylinders in 

a line, rather like a miniature inline engine. The pistons have a constant stroke volume, 

and injection volume (i.e., throttling) is controlled by rotating the cylinders against a 

cut-off port that aligns with a helical slot in the cylinder. When all the cylinders are 

rotated at once, they simultaneously vary their injection volume to produce more or less 

power from the engine.


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XZ10AW32 A101 ZEXEL              131151-8420
XZ10AW20 A185 ZEXEL             131153-1020
XZ95AW20 A216 ZEXEL             131153-1720
XZ105AW20 A43 ZEXEL              131151-2720
XZ105AW20 A51 ZEXEL                    131151-3620
XY95AW20 A52 ZEXEL              131151-3720
XY105AW20 A62  
XY95AW20 A67 ZEXEL             131151-5120
XZ105AW15 A701 ZEXEL             131153-2220
XY10AW20 A729 ZEXEL          131153-5020
XY95AW20 A732 ZEXEL     131153-5320
XZ10AW30 A740 ZEXEL                    131153-6120
XY10AW30 A765  
XZ10AW30 A766  
XZ105AW20 A771 ZEXEL         131153-9220
XZ10AW29 A766 ZEXEL              131153-9720
XZ105AW15 A78 ZEXEL             131151-6220
XZ10AW20 A814 ZEXEL             131150-2620
XZ105AW25 A822  
XZ95AW20 A812  
XY10AW25 A795  
XZ105AW25 A821 ZEXEL          131151-3320
XZ10AW20 A115 ZEXEL          131151-9720
XZ10AW30 A831  
XY10AW20 A768 ZEXEL          131153-8920
XZ105AW29 A797  
XY10AW20 A736  
XZ105AW20 A727  
XZ10AW20 A809  
XY10AW20 A750  
XZ105AW30 A741 ZEXEL          131153-6220
XZ105AW20 A722 ZEXEL          131153-4320
XZ105AW20 A43 ZEXEL          131151-2720
XY95AW20 A216 ZEXEL          131153-1720
XY9AW20 A731  
XZ10AW25 A744 ZEXEL          131153-6520

Product Origin: CHINA
Model Number: 131153-5320,A732
Application Vehicle:






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